Blue R&RYou put your heart into everything you do each day.  The rewards can be great and the sense of fulfillment enormous.  And sometimes it can just take a toll.

Now it’s time to retreat from those daily pressures and take care of yourself.  Take some time to relax, to reflect and even to remember or re-imagine your heart’s purpose.  Find your way back to whole-heartedness.

This retreat has been designed with your rest and restoration in mind.  With the beautiful seashore as our backdrop we’ll be creating an expansive space using artistry (no skill required), music, poetry, and contemplative practice.  There will be plenty of time for rest, for walking the beach, for eating fantastic meals, for discerning conversation and reflection.  There will be no experts, no strategic planning sessions, no flip charts, no sticky notes, no Powerpoints – only gentle prompts that you may choose to follow…. or not.

This retreat is for you.  This is your time.  This is your space.

And this is how it will go:

Day One – Check-in begins at 5 pm.  A welcome Happy Hour followed by dinner and an evening to set the tone and introduce you to one another and the retreat design.

Day Two – We greet the day with a morning gratitude practice, breakfast, lunch and dinner to fuel your day.  Beach walks, artistic collaborations and poetry will inspire your personal reflection and exploration.

Day Three – Again the day begins in gratitude and we’ll enjoy more great food.  Focusing our attention outward to our role in community and the leadership roles, formal and informal, that are part of our lives.  Fear not, there will be space for walks, naps and staring at the water.

Departure Day – Final reflections and the setting of departing intentions start our day.  After a beautiful brunch we’ll be ready to fly off in pursuit of our heart’s purpose, rested, reinvigorated and joyful.  You will be on your way by noon.

What inspired this retreat?  Each year I hear the call of the wild geese as they migrate.  Their call summons a longing from deep within me.  How do they know where to go?  How to get there?  What internal knowing do they have that allows this predictable yet improbable migration to happen season after season? I wonder if I, too, have this internal knowing?  And if I do, how might I tap into it?  And so my love affair with wild geese began and I have learned much from these feathered pilgrims.  They have taught me a lot and perhaps they have something to teach you as well.

I invite you to come to the coast, to retreat and reconnect to the heart of your purpose.

Gayle Gottlich, Pathfinder Consulting   About Gayle

Cost:  Early Bird Registration available now – $700 single accommodation   $600 double accommodation  (includes hotel room with private bath, all meals, 24 hr beverage bar.)  Travel not included. Click to Register

Accommodations:  Mustang Island Conference Center is a facility operated by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and is located just outside of Port Aransas, Texas on North Padre Island.  This unique facility was built with the environment in mind, it sits suspended atop the dunes in an effort not to spoil the natural landscape.  Boardwalks surround the buildings providing porches and access to the beach.  Simple but comfortable, each room has a beach view and private bathroom.

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