Organizational Professional Development

I believe in the power of community working collaboratively and creatively towards a shared goal.     —Gayle Gottlich

You are busy. I get it.  You’re doing your work and dealing with the distractions of everyday stresses. Sometimes you just need a little help finding your way through the busy-ness to re-establish clarity and a sense of purpose and direction as an organization.  Sometimes you need a pathfinder.  Let my skills and experience clear a pathway forward for your organization.

Strategic Planning Navigating your organization towards its future success

Organizational Professional DevelopmentUnderstand and leverage individual strengths to create strong teams

You and your team have come so far… and you know you could be going even farther. Everyone has something to contribute. Increase your understanding of every contribution and learn to leverage each one to become a highly functioning team. Discover unseen impediments and create a pathway to professional development that empowers all to succeed.

Leadership DevelopmentYour Leadership team or Board, empowered to support your organization and goals

Difficult ConversationsCreating the safe space to foster positive change

Let’s get started –