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gghomeYou’re passionate about your work, your team, and your mission. I’m passionate about putting you on the path to success. By bringing a fresh perspective to your organization, you and your team will be enabled to create a new pathway that leads you to greater achievement and sense of purpose.

Hi, I’m Gayle Gottlich. As your Facilitative Consultant, I free your team to do real and meaningful work together, embraced and led by a proven process designed to deliver the results you need. Through custom communication exercises and interactive trainings, we engage the group, uncovering core values and developing your plans for success. Along the way, we craft a creative, yet practical, roadmap for you and your team to follow, including specific steps to achieve your success.

I provide facilitated sessions and retreats focused on strategic planning, organizational development to overcome resistance to change and enhance communication and team building for various types of organizations.

Are you ready? Let’s get you on the path to your success.

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