About Gayle

I believe in the power of community working collaboratively and creatively towards a shared goal.     —Gayle Gottlich


I am a Facilitative Consultant focused on developing organizational alignment.  Working with clients to develop healthy foundations for working with commonly held values and vision, I seek to empower groups and individuals to work with joy and intention. As the owner and founder of Pathfinder Consulting, I have been working with individuals and their organizations since 1997. Thirty years in business management and a lifetime passion for creative solutions allows me to bring a unique constellation of skills and experience to my clients.

Together we create a space for conversation, learning and practicing new skills. As a result, you and your team becomes more knowledgeable and capable of creating and sustaining new behaviors.

Early in my career I prided myself on being a problem solver but soon recognized that teaching others how to solve their own problems would create more sustainability for my client. With every engagement I have sought to evolve my craft as consultant, coach and facilitator. In that process I learned that asking a good question is usually more valuable than giving someone the answer.

Over the years I have developed an array of strengths I enlist in service of your goals. These innate strengths (Ideation, Strategic, Learner, Relator) and skills have been enhanced through many years of on-the-ground experience.

Let’s get started –