Being in between

Spaciousness.  Free-time.  Why do I crave it so?  And why is it that the character of time can change depending on the circumstance?

The wisdom in between (1)

On a recent trip to British Columbia I rediscovered a quality of spaciousness that had long eluded me.  The kind of spaciousness I remember from my childhood where summer days seemed to last at least three days each.  Time was stretchy.  There was a sense of having enough time, time enough to do whatever I wanted and needed to do.  And time enough to do nothing at all and feel no guilt whatsoever. I found my sense of being… in between.

It was the space between all the doing that expanded.    And in that space I rediscovered the ability to be present.  In my newfound capacity I was fully present to what I was doing, who I was with and where I was.  I was tuned in with my body, my mind and my spirit.  Just being was enough.  I didn’t have to do anything or to strive to deserve my sense of contentment. I found my way back to whole-heartedness.

Glimpses of this type of contentment and spaciousness had peeked in and out of my consciousness through the years.  Fleeting attainment would simply whet my appetite for more.  My studies pointed me to do the inner work of meditation and contemplation.  My busy, monkey mind needed more activity to combine with these practices.  Labyrinth walking, contemplative walking of any kind, pottery, poetry, dancing, etc. all allowed me to come into the moment with a sense of presence and alive-ness.  These activities created spaciousness in my heart and in my mind.  This spaciousness enabled me to see the ways I was living my life that left me feeling fragmented and even broken hearted.  The imaging that was needed to find my way, out of my own way, was also found in this space.

I wonder if you also crave this type of spaciousness.  Do you find yourself needing to step away from your day to day activities and create some space for yourself to simply be?  And in that space perhaps to reconnect to your deeper sense of self, your sense of purpose and most importantly to regain your sense of whole-heartedness.  All is well, all will be well.

A new retreat offering – 

Are you ready to find some time between all the doing?  Come to the beach!  How fortunate I am to live near the beach where I can walk while listening to the wind, the waves and the shore birds all singing their songs and soothing my soul.  I’d like to share this special place with you and create a space for you where you can get away and tap into the silence.  Nature will be our collaborator along with our creative spirits.  Retreat & Reconnect is a retreat for Women in Leadership.  Read more about how you can come and find the refreshment you need to re-enter your work with a whole-heart.  Read more about it:  RETREAT & RECONNECT

Let’s visit –


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