The Gift of Curiosity

Curiosity.  What is it about curiosity that creates a sense of spaciousness?  Space that is needed for collaboration and creativity.   Simply put, curiosity does not judge, it simply inquires. Where judgment seems to narrow our minds, curiosity opens our minds. Imagine what a gift that would be!  What would be possible if we replaced our fear of judgment with curiosity?

I wonder what would happen if we were to peer into the unknown places in our lives and simply ask questions instead of making judgments?  I know that I often don’t trot out an idea because I’m afraid of the judgment that may follow.  That accomplishes one thing – it stops me in my tracks!  The more I get over my fear of sharing my idea, the better off I and my idea will be.  The more I can be curious about other’s insights, about their needs, about their responses, the better equipped I am to move forward.

Like most behaviors, being curious may take some practice.  Try asking yourself how your idea/dream is like growing tomatoes or going on a road trip.  Exploring a seemingly silly metaphor can help you unfold an idea and allow you to gain a new perspective.  As a thought facilitator, I have found that this sort of exercise helps highlight where the current focus is and what is being forgotten or needs clarifying.

Be curious!  If you want to know something you need to take a chance and ask the question.  In the process, you may discover some new and unexpected allies.  I think you will find that there is a wellspring of support available in the world.  Ask yourself, ask your peers, ask on-line communities, ask those you see as experts… just ask.

Ask and receive.  Be open to the answers and ideas that come your way.  Some answers will be more helpful than others but all information is useful.  Hold the answers and opinions of others lightly and in the spirit in which they were asked – without judgment.  Gather it all together and take the next step.  Discernment.

What are you wondering about?  Who would be someone whose insights would benefit your process?  Stop thinking about it and do it!  Get out your journal, pick up the phone, send an email, get on an on-line forum – let your curiosity have a voice!

I wonder what you do to overcome fear and cultivate curiosity?  I wonder if you are willing to share?  Have a question for me – just ask!

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