The Gift of Audacity

Success.  Do we have to be better and smarter than our competitors?  Based on my observations – no you don’t!

Based on my observations – oftentimes what seems to be the differentiator between one person’s success and another’s dead-end… is audacity.  They dared, they risked, they went for it – they were audacious.

That is an over simplification of a complex issue.  There are many factors that combine to create success in a person’s life and work.  Behind it all is the necessary action.  You must show up for yourself and your dreams and you must dare to act on them.  Audacity is a gift you give yourself and your dreams; a little needed energy to get you over the hump and down the road.

Audacity does not replace a good product or being a smart businessperson. It simply is a characteristic of some people who are willing to be bold, brave, and push their idea out into the world to see what happens.  They believe in their dream and are willing to risk offering it up.

There will always people who are smarter and do whatever it is you do better.  But there is not another you.  You and your dreams are unique and they request that you step up and allow them to be born into the world and manifested.

Audacity may be second nature for some but know it can be cultivated. Practice a little audacity in your life.  Stretch yourself and give voice to the work you desire.  Do something each day to support the journey you want to make.  You will build your own sense of audacity, confidence and ability to step up and out with your ideas and plans.

Stop thinking about it and do it!  Take one action, right now and it will feel really good, I promise.  Need a thought partner?  Contact me – my audacious request –  because that would allow me to live into my dreams.

Contact me now!


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