A new journey begins…

gayle_teaAfter years of wading into the wreckage of one medical practice after another I’ve decided to literally get ahead of the game.  No more disaster recovery for me – I want to be in disaster prevention!

Today I pack my bags and head up to Austin for the CHUG 2016 meeting and I am filled with excitement.   What is new about the journey is that even though I am attending and presenting at a computer conference for healthcare providers – my area of consulting expertise – I’m taking a jog to the left.  Yep, my presentation is entitled “Thrive – creating and maintaining a healthy practice.”   My presentation is about laying the foundations that allow a practice to create a culture of wellness and balance.  We all conduct our business in a world of fast-paced change.  Without a firm foundation that grounds you to what you are and who you are and why you do what you do – it’s easy to lose your way.

As practitioners of healthcare we are learning more and more about the benefits of leading a balanced life focused on wellness and prevention.  We literally write prescriptions to assist our patients in creating that lifestyle.  But do we take our own medicine?  Do we create organizations where our providers  and staff can thrive?  Is our practice culture about wellness and prevention and balance?  If so, let me know how you do it and join my campaign “Cura te ipsum” – HEAL THYSELF!

If you are like so many businesses you haven’t been intentional about creating the foundations that will allow your organization to thrive.  Oftentimes we are focused on simply surviving.  But you can do it – you can create and maintain a functional, thriving business place.  Come along with me as I explore the pathway to a thriving business – let the pathfinding begin!

I’m interested in your thoughts –